About us

My name is Mike Ousby and many people know me in my work, from 2001, as the original  authorised service and repair agent with Accucraft UK and before that with their predecessor Marches Models. I have acquired a vast amount of experience with their products over the years and can tackle any job. 

Until recently I fitted R.C to all of Accucraft UK's engines, prior to being shipped to dealers. This wealth of knowledge and experience, plus cutting out the middleman, allows me to fit R.C with rechargable batteries and a charger at a very competitive price.

Being approved by Accucraft UK means that any work that I do for you will be done properly and won't invalidate your Accucraft UK warranty.

Over the years I have been asked to work upon a multitude of makes and models, so we can help repair or make almost anything.

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