CNC laser cut kits in 7/8" scale

Our current range of 7/8" rolling stock includes a range of Quarry based goods vehicles and  models of Penrhyn workmens' open coach and a Glyn Valley Tramway passenger coach.

We are regularly adding new models to our range so please keep checking back here for our latest news.

If you're down to buy one of the new Accucraft 7/8" scale Hunslets, then our vehicles will look fantastic coupled behind. We'll also be making a range of add on parts for this engine.

All of our kits are easy to assemble come complete with Accucraft wheelsets of your choice in either 32mm or 45mm gauge, axle bearings and buffers/couplings. Please see our 7/8" price list for details, (Loctaed on our download price lists page.)

Alll you need to provide are glue, paint and tools.

We can also supply ready assembled for a small charge. If you want this option, please ask us.

ALL of our kits will run happily on your existing 16mm scale track standard, as will the Accucraft Hunslet.

Figures and slate loads are available separately from Rob Bennett aka Busybodies. (Click for link.)


We've designed our slate wagon based upon that used on the Ffestiniog railway. Very easy to assemble and including axle bearings, wheelsets and couplings.


Photographed at Llanfair on Saturday 1st September is the pre-production model of the new Accucraft 7/8" scale Hunslet. Alongside is an ACME slate wagon, complete except for wheels and couplings.

skip2 DSCF1595


If you want a pukkha Penrhyn slate wagon in 7/8" scale, look no further!

Available with either Penrhyn couplings or the same dumb buffer couplings as fitted to our Ffestiniog slate wagon, this will look super behind the new Accucraft 7/8" Hunslet.


Workmen travelling to work at the quarries on the Festriniog Railway travelled in a variety of coaches. This open version, known as a flying bench, should provide your 7/8" scale quarrymen with the necessary transportation.



Penrhyn workmens' coach

Opened in 1801 to carry slate from Lord Penhryn's quarries at Bethesda, to the coast for shipment.

This workmens' coach was used to carry workers to the quarries and the full size version can be seen in The Penhryn Castle Museum.

Our model is a faithful representation and captures the tone and tenor of the original. 


lnwr festiniog coal wagon

Used for carrying coal, these wagons could often be found being used to store all kinds of material.

We have designed this  wagon as an easy fit for our range of very realistic sound units. They sound even better when fitted to this. You can share one wagon and sound between several i/c locomotives.

We even supply a small bag of real coal to add to the lid on top.

IMG 0329

slate slab wagon

The inspiration for the wagon came from a visit made to the National Slate Museum at Penhryn, North Wales.


slate gravity train and a horse dandy

Prior to steam power, horses were used  for hauling empty slate wagons to the quarry from the port.

The slate wagons were then returned fully laden to the coast by gravity, controlled by brakemen who rode the gravity train. The horse had to brought back in a specially constructed wagon called a horse dandy.

This gravity train is still renacted to this day on the Festiniog Railway. The first two videos show the full size version in action.

The third video shows the model we built in 7/8" scale, complete with sound and battery powered to show what can be done. If you would like one, please ask.

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