Enhancement work completed by us

Just a few examples of the many jobs we have completed.

re-gauging accucraft geared engines

We have been re-gauging Accucraft Shay geared engines for some time offering either a fixed conversion from 45mm to 32mm, or a system whereby one can easily adjust the gauge forth and back at will.

We were asked by a Customer to convert a Accucraft Climax in the same way and although technically challenging, we rose to the occasion and did the job, as you can see.

Climax wheels and gear after

accucraft garratt

Fitting RC DJB Engineering whistle, tank warming valve and blowdown to gauge glass, to ensure accurate water level readings, on an Accucraft Garratt

DSCF1293 DSCF1290

john turner locomotives

Make new gas firing systems for John Turner locomotives in a sympathetic manner, so as not to spoil the masterpieces.



Whistling Tom rolt

I wanted to call this one, "Whistling Jack Smith.)

Fit a RC operated DJB Engineeing whistle to Roundhouse Tom Rolt. A tight fit!


electric avenue

Retrofitting full 2.4Mhz R.C and onboard batteries to a Accucraft Electric Countess.

merlin reborn

A complete rebuild of a Merlin Mayflower including  new cylinders and valve chests. The owner was very happy to have the first engine he purchased back in the full bloom of youth, (Now in the condition it should have been when it left the Merlin factory in in the first place.)

a brace of magnii

To dispell any ideas that we only work on live steam and 16mm, here are a couple of G scale engines we have recently completed renovating. 

Made by Magnus in Germany, using LGB drive units, these engines were very expensive when new. One is an Argentine Railways condensing locomtive and the other an Indian Railways metre gauge locomotive.

Needing a major rebuild the owner now feels like he has something of which he can be proud.

IMG 0312

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