This video showcases our current range of sound units. At only £36 for the complete kit comprising sound unit, loudspeaker, wiring, battery holder and battery, on/off switch and instructions, it's great value.


To coincide with the introduction of Rob Bushell’s Swift Sixteen model of the Tin Turtle in 16mm and soon 7/8” scale, we are proud to release our latest sound system, for this excellent model. 2014 is an important year for the First World War remembrance.

Using the real sound of the engine at Apedale, we are able to faifully reproduce the four cylinder petrol engine. As with our other kits it sells for £36, postage extra at cost.

This is the sound of a four cylinder petrol/Gasoline engine and is eminantly suitable for other engines such as the Wrightscale Baldwin Gas Mechanical, the Andel version or whatever you choose.

This is our sound file, please press the arrow on the control bar to listen.

Now compare with the sound of the real thing.

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