Special builds

We are asked to build one off specials for Customers to fill a gap left by current large commercial builders. We use off the shelf parts wherever possible to keep costs down and also to make spares easily available. See a few examples below. Please discuss with us if you are interested.

These are a few of the many commisions we have undertaken.

roundcraft steam tram

I call this a Roundcraft steam tram, built for myself and using a mix of Roundhouse, Accucraft and ACME parts.

festiniog double fairlie

Merddin Emrys is a double Fairlie locomotive which runs on the Festiniog railway. Built in the Festiniog Railway's own workshops at Boston Lodge in 1879 to the design of Percy Spooner, it has spent its entire working life on the Festiniog Railway. When the railway closed in 1946 Merddin was the only double engine still available for service, Livingston Thompson having been withdrawn for repairs.

Merddin was returned to service in 1961 and converted to oil burning in 1973. In 2007, as part of the FR's fuel diversification process, the locomotive reverted to coal firing again. 

I built this model for a Welsh Customer. It started life as a Bachman brassworks model, but so much had to be thrown away, all that was reused were the smokeboxes and some parts of the cab.

Fitted with twin Buhler motors, full sound including whistle, on-board batteries and 2.4GhzRadio control. The support electronics are carried in a model of a Festiniog workmens' closed coach.

Finished off with twelve coats of Festiniog maroon and black paint it was fully lined out by Geoff Munday

Not only can it pull well, but it sounds good. The Customer is ecstatic with the model. He wants me to build him a model of Prince next.

A picture taken by me on a photos shoot foray to the Festiniog, before starting to build the model. I think that I've captured the spirit and essence of the full size engine in the model.

D FairliePICT0048PICT0062



yarrow, a dirty little colliery engine

"Yarrow", was conceived as a solution to a lack of motive power for a Private colliery railway, set during WW2.

Here we see'"Yarrow"' being readied for service.

A spot of oiling around. At this stage in WW2, spares and materials were hard to find. People had to make do with what they had. "Owd Tom," drinks his tea and reminisces about how good things were before the war.

"Yarrow'" shunts at Welch whittle Drift.

Here we see ,"Yarrow," making a spirited start up Welch Whittle Bank hauling a rake of full coal wagons to the interchange with the LMS mainline. 

"Keep the home fires burning!"

Preparing  No.3  Yarrow  for  the  night  shift landscapeYarrow  makes  a  spirited  start  from  Welch  Whittle  Dri (600 x 436)

scumspawn, an unloved diesel

Built for a retired ex Naval gentleman who nowadays edits a famous Garden Railway magazine. Scumspawn is a unloved workhorse which doesn't even have it's windows cleaned properly, but wiped with a dirty rag!

Fitted with full sound and Radio Control, the engine is the exception to the live steam only rule on this line located in the SW.

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